This is about an author reflecting back in life

 Titled Missed Life Signs

I served honorably and proudly in the United States Navy. I Was assigned to attend designation school, which is a four month course. We were assembled for orientation and determine the reporting process, and who will be the class leaders. Low and behold I was chosen to be the class PO, petty officer in charge which I did not seek nor want, being put in charge of seventy young men whom I had never met and now lived with for the next four months, being responsible for the performance the unit as well as the well being all of them on an individual basis. (What, me? Why me? How did this happen) (a missed life sign),

 It was a challenge I had never been confronted with, and I was scared to death. To make a long story short, I learned something about myself from those young men. Upon graduation, we were assembled for a brief ceremony when the company commander asked me to stand up and offered his observation and praise of my leadership. Being a leader did not resonate with me, (a missed life sign) and I wondered if he was just being kind or whom he was really talking about. Then to my surprise, embarrassment, humiliation, and, again, denial, one of my men stood up turned to me and spoke for the group, explaining how professional I was, always asking for something that had to be done, never barking out an order, Showing respect and consideration. How caring I was and that I was always there to listen, support, and help them through any challenge they felt they had, how my leadership (Another missed Life sign) helped them through a tough time. That it was truly an honor to have served with me. This was followed by a spontaneous loud round of applause. Then they all stood in line to shake my hand!

I was shocked, not realizing or understanding how they felt all along. Again, who were they really talking about? (another missed life sign) There is a wonderful saying that I now understand and believe in. People do not always remember what you have said, good or bad, but they will always remember how they felt when they were around you—how they felt. This was not just about me!

 He writes-Unfortunately, for many, more often than not, these life signs get ignored  They miss that sign, that exit on the road of life that leads to happiness, fulfillment and a great sense of authenticity.

         He writes- Make and take time for yourself: Appreciate who you are. And above all, honor yourself and listen to your intuition follow your passion. It holds your best intention. 

                   I believe what he is saying is that we are greater than we appear to be,

                   Especially to ourselves at times! Negative self-talk!

Tell story of 9 year old.

 So I leave you with this I profoundly believe that we have the incredible personal power to create or change what we truly want. Allow yourself to dream without negotiation, see the vision that you want in life, believe in yourself, trust your intuition, create that desire and seize that passion. There is no greater self-fulfillment, no greater self-joy! And there will be no regrets.