It was said that life is a journey, not just a destination. And along our journey, there are signs in life, our life, our inner voice to help us find our path, stay on our journey, find our passion, our purpose, and, ultimately, reach our destination.              

We have within each of us our own GPS, known as our intuition and values, of how we feel about something, good or bad, or what is right or wrong for us. If we allow ourselves to really understand what we want out of life, not what we expect but what we create, if we take full responsibility to plan our life and not stand on the roadside waiting for it to come along, we then become the creator of our own life’s philosophy. And at our fingertips, we have all the skills we really need. We have our own road map in Life, which is created by our moral compass, our moral compass being our core values, what is truly important to us, who we truly are beyond behaviors, beyond personality, why we feel the way we do.
It is that of being our authentic self. If we watch for our intuitional life signs as intently as we watch for the road signs, they will lead us in the right direction, ultimately to our destination, that of our passion and purpose. Unfortunately, for many, more often than not, they get ignored. They miss that sign, that exit on the road in life that leads to happiness and fulfillment. Make and take time for yourself: And above all, honor and listen to your intuition. It has your best intention

                Emotional Anorexia?
Self-Awareness Self-Acceptance is the foundation for Self-Esteem!
Our first line of defense against self- defeat!
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