Peer pressure is almost always associated to the children. I see it this way,  you might agree. 
I am sure many parents will. 
Parents are under enormous multiple social pressures.
Peer pressure by their peers—friends, groups, workplace, etc., as well the pressure they put on themselves to keep up with others—house, cars, clothing, etc. It may not be as conspicuous as the children, but it is there, and it does have an effect.

Parent pressure by other parents, keeping up with what other parents are doing (or usually bragging about) for their children. Here is where materialism is usually at its worse. As we know, many parents live vicariously through their children.

Children Pressure by their own children. They are bombarded daily and often hourly, trying to fulfill the expectation of their children as a parent as well as trying to fulfill their own expectation as a parent, some feeling inferior, unaccepted by their children, referencing the gap between the digital native (child) and the digital immigrant (parent). It creates an imbalance in the family structure, diminishing how children look up to their parents, feeling they know better, challenging their authority. Parenting from fear and guilt becomes a
weakness that children pick up on. Parenting with a purpose, resolve, and unconditional love is authority and power.

True nobility is not that of being better than someone else.
It is being better than your former self.
—Dr. Wayne Dyer