Can Help Parents

Let’s look at the situation as this—when we see an iceberg or a picture of one floating on the surface of the water, we see this huge Mass of towering Ice in its pure natural existence, It is indeed an awesome sight to behold.

However, when we see this huge mass we are only seeing what we see! And What we are seeing is only 10-15 percent of what it truly is!

       “Only 10 – 15 percent of what it truly is.”

Below the surface lies the other 85-90 percent that we can only imagine but not see unless we go below the surface to look!

For Many Parents who struggle (communicating with their children) this is how they see their children, just as their children. Not really knowing who they truly are, what they are feeling and what is going on the inside; for which they heartbreakingly can only guess.

For many children this is only what they show their parents, the 10 – 15 percent on the outside. The inability to self-express and the fear of being judged prevents many from allowing us to see them in the full dimension of the person they truly are!!!

We as a culture, especially Parents have the obligation to see are Children in their full dimension of the person they are. We can get below the surface, if we use the proper skills, tools and techniques. The process of building trust through active listening, non-judgmental conversation, validating and acknowledging their strengths and skills. This is about strengthening the bond with them, built on honesty; and letting them know that they are safe not just physically but the all important sense of emotional freedom. Freedom from that self-worth diminishing self-talk that is many times ignited by the outside criticism, especially in their own home. The Freedom of being Authentic!

They reward for the effort, a heartwarming experience and the foundation for a long term relationship.

Take the plunge now!!!!