What A Parent Wants

As A Parent Transitions From

Mommy and Daddy, To

Mom and Dad, To

Mother and Father! 

They go from being a Parent of dependent children to A Parent of independent Adults!

At that point in life what a parent truly wants, is no longer to be needed, but so much to be wanted. To be loved for the Love, Dedication and unyielding desire to protect each child on their quest to adulthood. To be loved for being the best Parent they knew how to be; beyond the anger and frustration! Initiated, more often than not, out of fear of failing as a Parent and failing to protect for their greatest treasure, their children! For learning from their many mistakes and trying to do better. For agonizing over each child’s pain and wishing that they could take it away. That their love for their now adult children radiates outward as strong as ever, and their pride of them still fills their heart.

What a Parent wants is to be thought of, and it be understood that although they are no longer needed, they are wanted and that they matter!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a phone call is worth a thousand pictures!

Signed: A Parent!