When at times in our lives we reach that crossroad, that moment of  Uncertainty and Hopelessness, when our inner flame goes out! We can become  immobilized by fear of the unknown; not knowing what lays ahead, what we really  want, or having lost sight of ourselves and not being sure who we really are. We are telling ourselves” there is something missing, but might not know exactly what it is!

 Now is indeed our Chance to seize the opportunity to awaken to a greater sense of self, to a greater understanding of authenticity, to that of whom we truly are, Based on our own CORE VALUES, beyond that of behavior, beyond that of personality.

                         We have the power within us to recognize things which are created only by our own thoughts that are not always true! By embracing change through greater self-awareness, we can recreate our beliefs, thoughts, words and actions; reigniting that flame, creating a new reality. That new reality is the life we Desire, of Fulfillment and Happiness, our Birthright!

 Belief is our greatest strength, but can also be our greatest challenge.   rki