Hi Rob,
I would like to thank you for all your advice and for reaching out to me when I needed it the most.Take care and keep up the good work!

M.D., Your Content Goes Here

I started working with Rob at the end of the last school year. I was a target to reckless mean girls. I learned how to stand up for myself, set goals and change my behavior to get along better.  Now I’m in a better place.  Rob really helped me and (he) can help you. 

Molly, 10 years old, Your Content Goes Here

My son has been working with Coach Rob in the Life Skills program for a little over a year now. The progress he has made over the past year, on a personal and emotional level, has been remarkable. The program states that it helps children build emotional resilience, self-awareness and self-esteem, and it does just that. As a parent of a teenage boy, I felt helpless as to how I could guide him when it came to social interactions with his peers and dealing with everyday life when I am not with him. The Life Skills program has been a great outlet for my son as it creates a safe and positive environment for the children to talk without judgement. My son grew to trust Coach Rob because he always willing to listen and give positive and constructive advice on how to deal with situations. He also knows he can turn to Coach Rob with anything at any time, especially when he feels no one else would understand. Overall, we’ve had great experience with the Life Skills program, so much so, that my other children cannot wait until the can join the group as well.

~M~ from Howell, N.J. Mother of 4 , Your Content Goes Here

I really enjoyed working with all of you especially with Rob faciltating the group. I met with my field staff to review my numbers yesterday.  I am seeing some improvement in retention over the last year and I am starting to grow.  I have not been at this number in two years.  I think working in these groups are helping me stay focused on the business.  But there is still so much more to do!!!  I would be happy to keep working on this.

Connie, Your Content Goes Here

Rob worked with my 10 year old who was traumatized from a bad classroom situation in school she was uncomfortable in some social situations and with her peers.  I am happy to say after working with Rob she is much more confident and happy in her own skin.

Your Content Goes Here

Hi Rob,
I just wanted to let you know that my daughter and I had a really great talk over the weekend and I think we made a lot of progress.  Thanks for your help last Friday at the breakfast meeting!

J. J., Your Content Goes Here

I have enjoyed working with Rob and have sincerely appreciated his insightful guidance.  He easily facilitates deeper and very focused discussions and motivates us to initiate specific plans of action.  Thank you, Rob.

Linda, Your Content Goes Here

I really enjoyed working with Rob and the group.  This WSG helped me to develop my center with a great team
who really rallied when I had to be away from the center. Thank you.

Geeta, Your Content Goes Here

Thank you so much for your part in the training yesterday.  Once again a stellar performance!  You do have a wonderful way of engaging people as you gathered us all in to want to listen and to want to live up to your encouragement.  Thanks for helping so many to live a healthier life.

L., Your Content Goes Here

Rob loves what he does and excels at it.  He helps people by guiding them on paths of their own choosing, by asking thought provoking questions and giving good feedback.  He not only helps one realize what they want to do, but helps them to reach that goal with ease.  He can also help one change their thought process when thinking about certain subjects by finding out what is truly important to that person.  He is able to connect with each and every person on their own level and has an amazing ability to see one’s true self.  Rob has guided me through a very tough point in my life, and I feel very lucky to know him and get his help.

Emily, Your Content Goes Here

You have changed my life. I have been able to focus and set goal for myself. You have great experience and patience. Your managing skills and background have given me great insight to develop a strategy for my future.  I find your positive attitude uplifting and it helps me to prepare myself to take on greater life challenges. You make me realize all the opportunities that are available to me. I look forward to our continued association. Thank you. K.

 This is to show my appreciation towards Rob in many ways, he has help my son through some tough times, we unfortunately have had as family. I personally have seen the change my in son  since he started his sessions with you. Before your sessions I was bit desperate and unsure on which direction to take regarding my child’s needs. It was hard watching my son battle with his inner emotions, not being able to express or portrait them. As stated before, family members and I are able to see the great change the sessions with you have done to my son so far.
I greatly appreciate your service and devotion to what you do. Always grateful

Mary & Yoel, Your Content Goes Here

Rob is a great speaker who can really make an impact. He is kind, caring, and great at what he does. His presentations are inspiring and I would highly recommend him.

Arlene Joseph, Your Content Goes Here

I Have known Rob for the past seven years and he is excellent at what he does best… Putting peoples lives back together again once they realize they have The power they have to turn their lives around. He has a great gift in seeing that everyone does possess their own personal gifts to bring to this world. It has a great way of making his clients refocus and see the best in themselves as well as others.

Barbara L., Your Content Goes Here

I initially found Rob through a joint career program that was offered through All About Writing. I was at a point in life where I just needed direction & a clear picture of what I should be doing professionally. Wow! This experience is eye-opening and certainly works if you let it work. Rob had said to me in the very beginning that “the client has the answers” and he is right. You decide what you want to get out of this, you can direct the conversation & I will tell you some of the most amazing breakthroughs came from just a natural flowing conversation. Rob makes you think & change perspective when needed. 

This process really works if you are 100% open & honest with not only Rob but more importantly yourself. I promise at the end of this process whatever it is you are looking to accomplish you will find it! Rob is a pleasure to work with and worth every penny!

Nichole M., Your Content Goes Here

Rob empowered me on several occasions to have confidence when going into some particularly challenging client situations. I gained clarity on actions I need to put in place to get a new business line started, Happy days!


 Rob is a compassionate, thoughtful coach with deep wisdom, appropriate challenges and very useful noticing and questions. I confidently recommend him as a coach.

C, Your Content Goes Here

 Rob has a warm and authentic approach in coach. He listens deeply and follows up with powerful questions. This helps deepens self awareness. Thank you!

A., Your Content Goes Here

As a small business owner sometimes I hold myself back and I can’t get out of my own way to advance and grow my practice. Rob with Self-Empowerment Coaching LLC has helped me immensely. He has a great sense of people and their personalities and he is able to ask the right questions to help one discover his or her own qualities and emotions on their own.. Rob has helped me realize my own good qualities which in turn have given me a great deal more confidence. Recently, he helped me overcome an important business decision that I was struggling with and that weight of stress has now been lifted. Thanks, Rob!

Kalie Hawley Small Business Owner