Program: Building a Strong Financial Foundation, Financial and Emotional Success

Objective: This course differs from other financial literacy courses in that it combines real life skills with personal money management skills. Interwoven within this outline/program there will be a strong emphasis on the student’s mindset (including their financial blueprint, how they think and feel about money), understanding how their values participate in the behaviors when it comes to Money! Creating their vision of their future, goal setting, as well as the importance and impact of social emotional intelligence. Students will learn skills that will help with their decision-making and the potential of financial freedom, not only in college, but throughout their lives as well.

Our Mission: To offer young adults the opportunity to plan correctly for their financial future

“Let’s Not Let Debt Steal Our Dreams”

The Mindset

  1. Fixed v Growth Mindset
  2. Core Personal Values/ Moral Compass (assessment)
  3. Science of the Brain
  4. How the brain works
  5. Creating Change


  1. The Financial Blueprint
    1. What is a Financial Blueprint?
    2. Identifying your Financial Blueprint (assessment)
    3. Spending
      1. Needs v Wants
      2. Describe success
    4. Saving
      1. Time value of money
      2. Teenage Millionaire
  • Power of Compounding
  1. Different Investment Options
    1. 401(k)
    2. Roth IRA
    3. Traditional IRA
    4. Diversification


  1. Calculate expenses.
  2. Determine your income. …
  • Set savings and debt payoff goals. …(pay yourself first)
  1. Record spending and track progress. …
  2. Be realistic.
  3. Writing A Budget
  4. Banking
  5. Accounts: Saving, Checking

Debt and the True Cost of Debt (Financial & Emotional)



    1. What is credit
    2. Building good credit
  • What is a credit score
  1. Cost of poor credit score
  2. Value of good credit score
  3. Credit Cards: Responsible Use
  4. Fee’s
  5. APR

iii. Minimum Payment

  1. To many credit cards


1.Car Loan

  1. Buy v Lease
  • New v Used
  • Price vs Payments
  1. Depreciation
  2. Student Loans (options)
  1. Mortgage/ Equity (Amortization)

Paying down debt (Options)


  1. College / Career
  2. Statistics
  3. Options
  4. Career discussions
  5. How do you plan the next 2,000,000 minutes of college
  6. Maximize the value of College!
  7. Get what you paid for

Social Emotional Intelligence

Self-Awareness, Self-Management,

Other/ Social-Awareness, Relationship Management

  1. Identifying Strengths (Personal Power)
  2. Identifying Emotions
  3. Communication: Verbal/ Non-Verbal
  4. Empathy
  5. Self-Talk

Creating the Vision and Managing the Plan

  1. Personal Mission Statement
  2. Steps to create a vision
  3. Three Year Vision
  4. Creating the plan
  5. Goal setting with specific action steps
  6. Staying Motivated
  7. Assign an Accountability Partner