Many of us have watched the nature documentaries showing the Animal Kingdom, specifically wildlife Parenting 101. How the mother, regardless of specie, will protect her babies with her life. Just like human mothers, they are absolutely willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. How that mother teaches her babies the life skills needed to survive and beyond that thrive. And the best chance for them to survive ultimately will be to self-protect! In this case how to hunt, to sense danger, create living quarters be it a nest, den, cave, burrow, etc., in a time frame that she deems necessary for them. She is preparing them for adulthood. Once she deems that the timeframe has elapsed, it is time for them to move out, go out on the own, and create their life. The mothering part of parenting is complete, the nurturing is done. From birth, she instinctively knew what she wanted for them and what they critically needed from her.

Remember, if it is really tough to be a parent in today’s culture, how tough is it to be a child today? I am sure many, many people say it has become so much easier, that kids do have it easier—absolutely, on a physical level, but what about on the emotional level? Stress and the accompanying emotions they are not yet equipped to handle. I will share with you the effects and concerns that were shared to me by both the parents and the wonderful children that I have met and spoken to, remembering that each individual’s perception is their reality, one different from the other, but to all a concern. This is not about all the children and all the parents. This is about the ones that have expressed their challenges and concerns as well as those who are challenged and concerned that I have yet to meet.

Take a moment now— right now—to reflect on the incredible moment of childbirth—the giving of life! What a wonderful gift for both parent and child, something that only you could have created—your child. Think about how you felt in that moment, the overwhelming awe, pride, love, and accomplishment. Think about your visions at that point of the future, how hopeful and full of great intention of becoming the best parent your child could want or need. Now at this moment, give yourself credit and acknowledge all you have done, all the effort, all the love, letting go of the ever-repeating self-thought of what you have not done, but for all you have accomplished through thick and thin for your child. And if you have lost sight of that vision, go find it, dust it off, embrace it and continue forward to accomplish what you want most!!

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